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May 2021 ~ Stroke Awareness Month

  May is National Stroke Awareness Month A stroke occurs when a blood vessel leading to or in the brain is blocked or ruptures. These blood vessels provide oxygen and nutrients to the brain. "During a stroke, the oxygen and nutrients are unable to reach the brain, therefore the brain cells die. If the brain cells die in a location that regulates a specific body function, there is the possibility that this may hinder that function from working properly. When it comes to strokes, there are three main types: ischemic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, and transient ischemic attack. An ischemic stroke is when there is a blockage in the blood vessel and can be caused by blood clots, plaque, or other particles. On the other hand, hemorrhagic strokes happen when the blood vessels burst in the brain therefore preventing the blood flow needed to keep the brain alive. The last type is a transient ischemic attack sometimes called a “mini-stroke.” A transient ischemic attack is different from