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What is a Stroke?

What is a Stroke? Blood Flow Blocked in the Brain courtesy of American Heart Association A person can suffer a stroke when blood flow and oxygen are cut-off, cells can die and depending on the area, time and amount of the brain affected will determine the extent of disability. A STROKE is a life-or-death situation and  needs  immediate  medical attention .  Call 911! Common terms to know : Ischemic Stroke  ~ The arteries to the brain become blocked and/or narrowed cutting off blood flow. Hemorrhagic Stroke  ~ The arteries to the brain can rupture and bleed. Transient Ischemic Attack (TIA)  ~ This is a TEMPORARY interruption of blood flow to the brain. Common Signs & Symptoms CAN include : ***Sudden numbness to the extremities, often affecting one side of the body. ***Sudden confusion and difficulty speaking. ***Difficulty walking and/or staying balanced. ***Sudden severe headache. F.A.S.T.   F ACE , Ask the person to smile, is there facial droop? A RMS , C