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Filial Piety ~ what is it and what are the implications?

A friend recently mentioned this term to me and was concerned what it meant for elderly parents and their offspring — especially when there was a possibility of medical bills and long term care. So I did a bit of research and figured this is as good a topic as any, while this is not specific to strokes it covers a wide range of conditions. According to the online Merriam-Webster dictionary, Filial Piety (known as pinyin: xiào in Chinese) is: “ reverence for parents considered in Chinese ethics the prime virtue and the basis of all right human relations ”’ ideally this is not only respecting the parents but also accepting responsibility for them as they age. My friend’s concern was that she could inadvertently put a serious debt onto her children’s shoulders simply because she had given birth to them. So I did a little research… I went to  for information. Here is some of what was said, you can click the link if you want to read it in entirety: “ More than half

Helpful information about memory loss

Memory Problems Can be Caused by Stroke Suffering a stroke can impair a person’s memory for weeks, months, or even years. Sometimes, a person evaluated for memory loss is found to have suffered minor strokes they weren’t even aware of, says Mohini Gurme, MD, a neurologist with Rockland Neurological Associates in West Nyack, NY. For Stroke Awareness Month, in May, Dr. Gurme explains why it’s important to get evaluated early for memory loss caused by stroke or other conditions... to continue reading Back to HOME

About Post-Stroke Emotions

Extreme mood swings, it is a thing... There is a lot going on in a stroke survivor's mind after a stroke and sometimes the emotional ups-and-downs winds up becoming frustrating and very difficult to cope with for the people around him/her. This is just a personal observation (my mom had a stroke in 1978 and my husband had a stroke in 2016) but from what I hear from other caregivers and my own experience I think women tend to have more emotions and men more anger. As I said I don't have proof of this... I am aware that most men, even in this era, are still raised to be the "strong provider" and suddenly they are dependent on someone else, they often can't go back to work, and they can't even play catch with the family dog. It's frustrating as hell for them and they express their frustration with attitude; so often the target of their angry words is the one person most responsible for them, the wife (or significant other). And no matter how much we un

National Stroke Awareness Month 2018

National Stroke Awareness Month is an annual event held within the United States. The aim of National Stroke Awareness Month is to make Americans aware that they may be able to ' Save A Life ' of a person experiencing a stroke. Read More... Summary Coverage United States Month May Duration 1 Month Date May 2018 Organization National Stroke Association How Is Date Set?  Fixed: Same Month Each Year Event Page/Website Back to HOME