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Beyond Burnout

  Beyond Burnout: The Exhausting Reality of Unpaid Family Caregivers (from an article appearing on the AARP website ) ' Already Toast ' author, Kate Washington, on the need for more societal support "Lessons learned During the two long, intense years Washington spent as her husband's primary caregiver and now living with his chronic illness and disability, she has seen her role ebb and flow. When I ask her what she would share with the benefit of hindsight, she offers this advice. Say, ‘Yes!’... Don't delay seeking support...   Get a reality check...   Outsource what you can...   Find a balance between privacy and openness... " read the complete article here Kate Washington  is an essayist and food writer who currently serves as the dining critic for  The Sacramento Bee . Her work has appeared in many publications, including  The Washington Post ,  Eater ,  Catapult , and  McSweeney’s Internet Tendency . She lives in Northern California. Connect with her at ka

Debts After Death

 originally published by AARP Magazine What Happens to Your Debts After You Die? When loved ones pass away there's way too much to handle in a short time: notifying others despite feelings of intense grief; funeral arrangements; living without the departed individual; keeping or dispensing with their possessions; a potential change in income and other financial matters. And this is a just  partial list . There's also the matter of the debts the person left behind, which raises a flurry of questions. Will they be forgiven somehow? If not, how are they to be paid? What if the liabilities exceed the assets? Who is responsible for them, and under what conditions? Will debt collectors come calling? It's complicated but not insurmountable. ( read the full article ) 1. The estate should cover most bills A person's financial obligations are not automatically forgiven once they've died. According to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, in most cases, any unpaid debts ar