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A Great Resource

  Several years ago, while my hubs was going for Out-Pt Physical Therapy one of the other wives recommended an excellent and FREE magazine, Brain & Life , I've found it to be an excellent resource and filled with LOTS of information all about the BRAIN. Did I tell you it is FREE ? You can sign up online at This month's edition features articles about Insomnia, Alzheimer's Disease, Parkinsons, Covid-19, nutrition and other neurological disorders. Take a look at the  Top 10 Articles of 2020 . Brain & Life ® is published 6 times per year and mailed free to interested individuals who complete the form below. Brain & Life ® en Español is published 4 times per year and mailed free with the English edition to interested individuals. an official publication of Back to HOME

8 Ways to Get Your Memory Back After Stroke

  Memory loss after stroke depends on a lot of factors, but games, repetition, exercise, and a brain-boosting diet can help you recover. ( from an article on EveryDay Health ) " Memory loss  is a common  symptom of stroke , but there are things you can do to help get your memory back. Just like exercising your muscles can help improve mobility after a stroke, giving your brain a workout is a significant part of  recovery .  The extent of your memory loss can depend on how old you are, the severity of your stroke, where your stroke occurred, and even the support you have from family and friends. “Memory deficits after a stroke can vary,” says Melissa (Muller) Meyers, an occupational therapist at  MossRehab  in Philadelphia. Memory loss can take the form of  aphasia , suddenly forgetting words and losing the ability to verbally communicate, forgetting stories or conversations, or not being able to recognize formerly familiar faces or routes...." Read more HERE Back to HOME